Priority deadline: February 17, 2017
After February 17, BATTI will pre-screen applications on a rolling basis only if there are spaces available in the program. Our cohort size limit is 35 students. The cutoff for submissions is April 15, 2017.


BATTI will pre-screen interested applicants based on the following documentation:
1. Bachelor’s Degree (can be completed in June)
2. Two transcripts for every university listed on your application. You will need to obtain junior or community college transcripts for the Pacific graduate division application
3. College GPA of 3.0 or higher
4. Three signed and sealed letters of recommendation on the BATTI/Pacific form.
5. Personal statement
6. The BATTI applicant review form
7. A resume outlining your relevant education and experience
8. Payment of $55 fee to BATTI

Following a successful interview and recommendation to University of the Pacific, these additional requirements must be completed by the start of the program in late August:
9. University of the Pacific graduate division application
10. Early field experience (20 hours) with verification letter
11. Passing the CBEST and one section of CSET OR all 4 sections of CSET, including subtest 4: Writing Skills. In place of the CBEST, you may submit SAT scores of 500 or higher in the Verbal and Math categories, and/or AP scores of 3 or higher in Math and English subjects.
12. Finding an appropriate assistant teacher position at one of the coalition schools or another compatible school

Please download our Admissions Info Packet